Metaphors probably aren't really a thing in reality series, but in another context, you can certainly mark down Bia's praise for Siya as an example. During this week's episode of ‘Sisterhood of Hip Hop,’ the embattled rapper -- who's all for female unity -- takes Diamond to the side and successfully diffuses the dinner situation from last episode. Bia calls Siya a supergirl, and this touches on the Alicia Keys version of that definition (a 'Superwoman' that is) for its two main plotlines to mixed interest.

Again, Siya gets hit with the emotional and business weight for the second straight episode. Her situation is pretty familiar to the ambitious twentysomething: she feels stuck with no studio time. Plus, Kael suddenly wants Siya to sign a contact to ensure his continued support. The stress factors again show that Siya is a soldier, but she's still very human. She breaks down and cries on the verge of giving up when she's on the phone with Tank. Again, it's hard out here for a rapper trying to make it without a team (Siya is the only cast member without one).

What makes Siya's situation a bit screwy is how it's all resolved. Tank is somehow able to finagle some studio time for her off-screen. Good for her, but as a viewer, it's hard to swallow the 'Please Don't Go' singer as deus ex machina. As for the contract, Siya leaves Kael in what looks like near tears when she tosses the paper into a lit candle. It's great for drama, but the gesture feels too cattish and out of character given how hard Kael was backing her just one episode ago. So there are inconsistencies, but a welcomed one is Renaye, who's portrayed as a fiercely, but amiably supportive rather than her usual jealous mood. That's definitely not going to last though.

As for the less interesting stuff, the consistently ignored Bia finally gets a story here. It's a bland one, though. There just isn't that much at stake when she goes back home to talk some sense into her sister after getting suspended. The process takes an entire episode when it could've easily been cut to half of that.

Then there's the show's weakest link: Kiki. She's an over-protective momager. We get it. But it's a headache to see that there's next to zero known about her other than that. She comes off as a caricature rather than a person, and her direct antagonization of Brianna Perry only makes that perception worse.

The duo go to a meeting to discuss a single rollout strategy. Not only is Kiki controlling and presumptuous, but she pushes for a slow rollout -- the exact opposite of what Brianna asks her just a few minutes before. She provides no explanation other than the fact that her daughter is inexperienced in her 20s. Apparently, she still isn't taking blame for the sound system fiasco from last week. You don't feel all that bad when Brianna makes the decision to fire her.

Side Notes:

  • Diamond decides to invite Nyemiah Supreme to her mansion to show her a "real MC." Has she spit a bar at all during these first four episodes?
  • Bia is seen working on the 'La Tirana' video. It's a bit trippier than what the show lets on.
  • Who's excited for Soulja Boy's appearance? Anyone? Other than Diamond?