Shyne was all set to perform a coming home concert in Belize Saturday night (March 26), after living in Israel for months, but the much-hyped event went so poorly that nearly everyone involved has been blasting each other via local interviews and press releases for the past two days.

"It's not so much a show for me, as it is a dream come-true," Shyne told a local news organization before the concert. "At the end of the day, only God can guarantee anything, but we're looking forward to having an extraordinary night with extraordinary guests."

However, that dream quickly took a turn towards nightmare status. The lineup filled with "extraordinary guests" never showed up for the event, leaving Shyne empty-handed. While waiting, rumors swirled that everyone from Jay-Z to Wyclef Jean would be appearing at the gig. After no one other than Shyne and a few local openers showed, a disappointed crowd turned unruly and many demanded their $50 admission price back.

The promoter, DJ Richie, says that he worked out the bill with Shyne so that he could provide local entertainment and the former Bad Boy rapper would provide the international talent. "My responsibilities were done," he said. "I got everything together. I'm not pointing fingers and blaming Shyne, but it's just that his part never came through."

Meanwhile, Shyne claims that DJ Richie never came through with the money promised. While he did perform a short set at the gig, the disappointed crowd and immediate backlash led to the rapper's departure back to Israel the next morning.

"Throughout the entire process, DJ Richie conducted himself in a highly unprofessional manner," a statement from Shyne's management revealed. "He failed to meet payment deadlines crucial to the timely purchase of the airfare for Shyne. Shyne performed despite not being duly compensated as per his contract agreement."

Despite his exile from the U.S., Shyne has been forging his musical comeback. Earlier this month he released the short film/music video for the new track, 'The Original.' The video was shot outside of Mexico City, and, according to its director Taj Stansberry, was about "keeping your faith during chaos."

Watch Shyne's 'The Original'