T.I. is not one to be messed with while performing, and that especially goes for some of his off limit body parts.

The rapper was recently performing for a large crowd in Atlanta when one fan took advantage of being up close to his favorite performer. While he performed his hit track, "Whatever You Like," Tip got a hefty booty grab from someone in the crowd. Unfortunately, it turned out to be male fan of his, which was definitely not a "pleasant" surprise for the MC.

Being the extremely outspoken artist that he is, T.I. took to the stage to send a harsh message to the male fan in the crowd. After asking the DJ to stop the music so he could speak, he stated, “Don’t put your hands on my ass again, bro. What the f---’s wrong with you, n----? I will f---- you up! Never touch my motherf---ing ass again. I came to help you have a good time, but I ain’t with disrespect.”

Fortunately, it looks like T.I. was being pretty reasonable about the situation, as he didn't kick the guy out of the venue for his behavior. Hopefully the man learned his lesson, and doesn't pop up at another Tip show ready to grab him like that again. Watch T.I. confront the fan above.


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