"All ya'll doing is worried about the wrong thing. Everything but the right thing."

That's what Shawty Lo's daughter said after TMZ reported that pills were found on her father after he suffered a fatal car crash last month. Overall, it seems the late rapper's daughter was frustrated at the comments many had when the news broke about the pills, and she wanted them to stop giving their opinions.

"All these folks all up in our family business," she said. "What does it matter if my dad did have pills in his car? That's none of y'all business."

In addition, TMZ reported that two women robbed Lo of some money after the crash, but his daughter said nothing could be further from the truth.

"Everybody a fool if they believe all that about how the police allowed [the women] to take his money," she stated. "All I can say is mind ya'll freakin' business."

Meanwhile, an autopsy report said that the passengers in the "Dunn Dunn" rapper's car begged him to slow down before the crash, which occurred on Sept. 21. In addition, Atlanta's WSB-TV reported that Lo had over $16,000 in cash on him at the time of the accident, as well as a bottle of promethazine and the headache medicine Goody's Powder Pain.

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