Shawty Lo will finally be laid to rest today (Oct. 1) in his native hometown of Atlanta. In honor of the late rapper, Rick Ross decided to remix “I’m Da Man,” a memorable track by Lo’s group D4L.

Rozay (and Lil Wayne) originally appeared on the ATL group’s remix for the 2005 song but this is a welcomed update in light of Lo’s funeral happening today. Over the flute-driven banger, Ross salutes Bankhead's own while boasting about business deals, luxury cars and stacking his paper.

"Six Flags, that's my new pool / Seven figures, boy I spent that with my masseuse / That's small change, you talking card game," he raps, adding, "Real estate / In over 12 states / N----s p----, f--- it / Kill them playing 12 play."

"Shawty Lo, Shawty Lo, I'm finna smoke me one, my n----, god bless your soul," Ross raps in closing out his verse.

On Friday (Sept. 30), friends and family gathered for Lo’s public wake in Atlanta. After the ceremony, friends drove his casket to Lo’s favorite strip club, The Blue Flame. As the hearse was parked outside of the club, they played his chart-topping hit “Dey Know” for folks in the parking lot. Check out the video below.

Listen to Rick Ross' "I'm Da Man" (Shawty Lo Tribute)

Listen to D4L's Song "I'm Da Man"

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