Scott Storch's string of bad luck continues as he was apparently robbed at gunpoint today (Aug. 20) in New York City.

The 39-year-old producer, who has worked with Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent, filed a police report stating that two armed men approached his SUV outside of the New York Palace hotel, according to TMZ. Storch said they threatened to kill him if he didn't hand over everything he had, which ended up being some jewelry and a brief case containing around $5,000.

The men then allegedly demanded the keys to the SUV, which they also received, and ran away. Storch said he tried to follow after them on foot but was unsuccessful.

TMZ reported that Storch was in New York City to attend the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend. When we previously heard from the producer, he was busted for cocaine possession in early 2012.