Jay-Z and Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre's long-awaited 'Detox' album was on the verge of becoming an urban legend, until a rough cut of the song 'Under Pressure' featuring Jay-Z leaked on Wednesday (June 16).

During an April trip to Boston's Fenway Park, where he debuted the Red Sox edition of his Beats by Dre headphones, Dre confirmed that the track would be released within two weeks. Considering the endless delays on the album, this announcement didn't give jaded fans much hope of actually hearing the song anytime soon, but the leak is at least proof that it exists. Dre opens the song with the understatement of the decade, rapping, "The long awaited 'Detox' trick/ Maybe I don't want to stop, maybe I don't want to quit."

After Dre's verse, there is an extended pause on the Scott Storch-produced track, which will likely be filled with a hook. Jay-Z brings in the second verse on the song, with two separate sports references, rhyming "All these little haters got me back with the nina/Got me bringing guns to work, Gilbert Arenas," and "I'm in this party, I'm up to no good/And I should be ducking these clubs, Tiger Woods," hinting that the track might have been recorded a few months ago.

It's easy to hear that the song is incomplete, which means that fans might have to hold out for another few weeks to get an official version of the track. According to Dre, 'Detox' will be released sometime in 2011, but we won't hold our breath for it.