In the winter of 2008 50 Cent, on the verge of releasing his fourth studio album, 'Before I Self Destruct,' came into AOL's New York City studios to perform five songs for a Sessions taping behind the album. The setlist included 'The Massacre' tracks 'A Baltimore Love Thing' and 'Ryder Music,' 'Movin On Up' off 'Curtis,' 'Close To Me' from G-Unit's new album 'T.O.S: Terminate on Sight' and the first single off 'Before I Self Destruct,' the Scott Storch-produced 'Get Up.' Eventually 50 put a hold on the album as it was "not up to standards." Subsequently his AOL Session taping behind 'Before I Self Destruct' was "lost."

When 'Before I Self Destruct' finally surfaced this past November, 'Get Up' and other proposed singles didn't make the final cut, despite premature releases. When the BoomBox met up with Fifty, this time in our Los Angeles studio, the rapper revealed that a total 43 songs had been made for 'Before I Self Destruct,' although the tracklist is only 16 deep. "The other material [will] sit there until I'm inspired to write a song similar to what I've already written," he said of his canned material, "and then I'll have that as an example or I could take pieces or elements from it to create the new song that I feel is for that moment." More interestingly, he was even able to pinpoint the exact moment in time the world started calling him adopted nickname, Fiddy.

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