Good news, Kid Cud is acting again (?), and will be appearing in a new film called Two Night Stand, which actually sounds pretty good. [HollywoodReporter]

Alicia Keys was recently interviewed about being a mom. Click the link to find out if she would consider quitting her singing career to a full-time mother. [RussParr]

Here is a trailer for Cash Money Content writer K'wan's new book Animal. Very dramatic. [YouTube]

Meanwhile, Cash Money CEO Birdman has bought a Scott Storch s $14 million Miami mansion, which the producer lost to foreclosure. [TMZ]

Check out an interview with the RZA and learn how playing chess helped him to lose his virginity (seriously). [RickeySmiley]

Singer Elle Varner recently revealed that she does not own a TV, and does not know who Stevie J is, but would still star in her own reality show. [92Q]

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