Scott Storch knows that sometimes the biggest rises are accompanied by the biggest falls. Once a seemingly untouchable super producer raking in tons of cash, Storch squandered his fortune on drugs, alcohol and, well, pretty much any other vice you can name. Along with losing his money, Storch's studio, luxury boat and an amazing mansion were all repossessed by his bank and put up for sale. Now, reports indicate Rockstar Energy and its CEO Russ Weiner have purchased the mansion for an undisclosed sum.

Storch originally bought the Miami Beach property for a whopping $10.5 million. What do you get for that much green, you ask? Well, the 20,000 square foot compound, referred to as Villa Ferrari, comes with 11 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, three guest houses, a 100-foot boat dock and two pools. Yes, it's a bit (OK, very) garish, yet Rockstar's purchase was reportedly priced well below Storch's original price.

It's unknown if Weiner plans to live at the residence or if Rockstar will be using the space as some sort of centralized party headquarters. A press release sent out on Feb. 14 indicates that the property was purchased in the company's name.