La Toya Jackson plans to be the next 'American Idol' judge. "I've been approached to do 'Dancing With the Stars,'" she said. "The fact of the matter is, I won't be doing it, simply because of the circumstances that [are] going on at the moment. I would love to do 'American Idol...I would love to be a judge on that show. I think I would do well with [Simon]." Crazy LaToya vs. Simon "The Grinch" Cowell? We'd giver her half a show. [NYDailynews]

Mega-star Beyonce is a woman with modest goals. She tours some 200 days per year, but would eventually like to settle down. "I also eventually want to have a family. But I want to be able to do an album and a movie every year." That's celebrity for "I'll be hiring a maid. And a nanny. And a tutor. And a tennis coach...and they'll probably still end up dysfunctional." [Bossip]

The "Teacha" KRS-One gave a lesson on longevity on BET's The Deal the other day. When asked whether he ever thought he'd release 15 albums (!) he said, "Let me say unequivocally KRS-One should be the least in hip-hop. 15 albums should be the standard for all MC's. At least 10? This idea, coming out with 2-3 albums...and then you gone? Or you could put out 1 album and last for 20 years on that 1 album You could put out 4 albums, and your 4 albums are the ones, the classics. You don't have to put out 15 or 10, but the idea is, do you love what you do? Do you wake up in the morning talking about 'I got to spit this lyric right now.' I'm 23 years in and I'm still hungry, I'll bite you right now." Apparently numbers mean nothing to the Teacha. He'll bite you. [Dailymotion]