KRS-One is one of the greatest rappers of all time. With that out of the way the things he says, combined with the crazed look in his eyes as he makes his points, is the stuff of legends. In a recent video, the Blastmaster explained the difference between MCing and Emceeing, or something. "What I'm saying is, that the MC has to know what rhyme to say at what time. You just don't say any rhyme, you have to move the crowd. A Master of Ceremony doesn't necessarily move the crowd, but an MC, the way Rakim described the MC, moves the crowd. But you can't move the crowd unless you have DJ capabilities. These are some of the differences, and some of the more intricate levels...a DJ is an MC, and an MC is a DJ." Seriously, KRS is one more collaboration album away from declaring magic the 6th element of hip hop. [NahRight]

So, The-Dream got crazy about his sexy new album on Twitter again, and it produced this quote: "Tell me what y'all want next. Uptempo, slow, whatever, the album is deeper than space." Deeper than space, yo? [OfficialDream]

This one's kinda sad. Actor Gary Coleman had a recent mishap on television program The Insider, after one of the show's hosts accused the pint-sized 'Diff'rent Strokes' star of abusing his wife. Coleman blew up on camera, saying "You can go walk off the plank and drown yourself in the ocean." He then stormed off, muttering, "The next thing I'm gonna do is leave, f--k all of you. F--k you! Take your damn mic, f--k you!" Poor guy. [YouTube]