KRS-One has been at the helm of several of rap's most memorable beefs—some historic (The Bridge Wars) and some bizarre (the time he tried to have Nelly banned). But one of the most infamous KRS-One beefs came on Dec. 26, 1993, when he shoved pillowy rap duo, P.M. Dawn off stage.

See, back in the day, saying something a rapper deemed offensive could earn you more than a caps-lock rant on Twitter or IG. It could get your ass whupped— or, in P.M. Dawn's case, tossed off your own stage.

P.M. Dawn, who was making feathery ballad rap way before Drake was a thing, said something in Details magazine that KRS did not appreciate at all. Specifically, group member Prince Be asked, “KRS-One wants to be a teacher, but a teacher of what?”

Apparently, that whole, "no question is ever stupid" philosophy flew right past KRS-One. Because on a fateful December night in 1993, while P.M. Dawn was performing at Manhattan's Sound Factory nightclub, KRS showed up ready to provide some answers.

“I was standing right there at The Sound Factory,” Kid Capri, who was running with KRS's BDP crew at the time, explained to the Rap Radar podcast back in 2017. “So what happened was [KRS-One] walked in with a bunch of people that I’d never seen him with—a whole different crew. He had [Boogie Down Productions possé members] Willie D. and I.C.U. with him. He had those two [usual accomplices] with him. They sat on the windowsill [next to the stage]. It was a P.M. Dawn show [with] Super Cat.”

Kid Capri says he asked if something was about to go down, and KRS downplayed everything. What happened next, however, was "monumental."

"So P.M. Dawn comes on stage… it was [Prince Be] and [DJ Minutemix] in the booth, and it’s three girls [doing background singing]…They let him do his first song," Capri remembered. "When the hit started, it was all bad, man. Yo, they rushed on the stage—Kris and the whole crew…Kris grabbed the mic from [Prince Be]. I.C.U. grabbed all the girls, hugged them and picked them up at the same time [and led them offstage]. When Kris grabbed the mic, Will’ hit [Prince Be], which threw him offstage.”

Poor Super Cat, who went on stage after P.M. Dawn, was left to perform to an empty venue because the entire crowd followed KRS and crew out of the building after the melee.

“Kenny [Parker] went in the [DJ] booth, threw the DJ out the booth. When the Kris threw them offstage [DJ Kenny Parker] threw on ‘South Bronx.’ It felt like the floor was gonna cave in," Capri said. "What was crazy was, when Kris left, Super Cat was supposed to be next. [However] when Kris left, the whole crowd [left and was] walking down the street with him. It looked like a video! Super Cat was on stage with nobody [left]. It was monumental!”

As for KRS-One, he later said he simply answered Prince Be's inquiry.

"I answered his question," the rap vet told USA Today. "I'm a teacher of respect."

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