Fabolous has finally responded recent allegations that he stole an extremely rare Lamborghini Gallardo, via Twitter, of course. "Good thing I decided 2 leave the stolen lambo wit the 500 pounds of weed in it home! Lol #f---rumors." Fab, don't know how to say this, but it'd be much cooler if you actually jacked the Lambo and moved the weight. Instead you're the "Twitter King." [Twitter]

Ice Cube
discussed a new Raiders documentary he directed, saying "The music, lyrics and images that I created with N.W.A, as a solo artist and as an actor helped turn the Raiders into something more than a football team. It's been 21 years since we released 'Straight Outta Compton,' but to this day, kids all over the world buy Raiders gear, imitate the 'Gangster Rap' style and try to connect with the South Central L.A. vibe that we brought to the masses." Annnd then you made the "Gangster Romantic Comedy" 'Are We There Yet.' [HipHopWired]

took a minute to talk about his recent album with DJ Absolut, saying, "The album, that I feel I made, is beautiful- but I'm better. And I'm a show n----s, how a n---- could do a 25 stretch, a 25 clip of...still being aggressive on the microphone, still strong arming that s--- like (shadow boxes) 'C'mere b----.' You know what I mean? D---in' the s--- outta that mic! We gon' do this s--- b, word up." We love you Rae, but we don't understand why you'd be 'D---in' the s---' out of that mic, really.