50 Cent sat down recently to discuss everyone's favorite topic- why 'Before I Self Destruct' is selling so poorly. 50 claims it's because the album is actually a prequel, which he just happened to record and release last week. But that's neither here nor there; here's the reason he doesn't win all kinds of AMA's like Jiggaman. "I won ASCAP Writer of the Year Award... I won Billboard Awards based on the actual performance and of the music. The things that people give you based on you doing lunch. I don't get'em... because I don't do lunch." Neither do we. [NahRight]

Director Joseph Kahn spoke with MTV about working Britney Spears after her breakdown, on the comeback video for "Womanizer." "By the time it got out - and the beautiful thing about the Internet is that you get instant reaction - the reaction seemed to be very positive. I'm going to sound like such a wuss, but I think I cried," he said. "That sounds super lame, but come on, man - that's five days of some serious stress. And I had to end the video on her smiling, for sure. Like, we just need to tell everybody that she's OK." Cue "Leave Britney Alone" guy. Thank god everyone knows she's OK now, and not walking barefoot in bathrooms with her cheetos-stained fingers, dangling a baby. Phew, that was rough on all of us, Joe. [MTV]

Freeway discussed his Muslim faith recently, after having taken a religious trip to Saudi Arabia, which is pretty cool. He also discussed his mindstate, while he was locked up, around the time of Y2K. "99-2000 I was in jail like, "Aw, s---, I'ma be locked in this motherf----, all the electricity gonna cut off." Wait, seriously? This is what you were thinking? That Y2K was going to be a bad thing for inmates? Freeweezy needs to watch more movies, millenial disasters are like the best time for convicts to make large-scale escapes. [HipHopWired]