As if the age of technology hasn't gone far enough, R&B singer Sammie took to his Twitter page to tell his manager, Malcolm Lee, that he has a pink slip coming his way. Although the 21-year-old singer is still legally bound to Lee and his Empire Entertainment company, according to the posts, they won't be linked for long.

"Everyday, this [one] particular person sits at his lonely ass office [and] thinks of [something] foul to do," he twittered. "Damn n----, get a life!" Sammie went on to write that Lee should "chill out" and that he would be "exposing" his manager soon.

In a recent statement, Lee responded by brushing off the comments of his soon-to-be former client. "He's a disgruntled artist. Legally, I haven't been fired, I haven't been released or terminated - none of that. No release has been negotiated," he said. "I understand he's making some statements on the Internet and it's nothing personal, but I will let my attorneys handle it."

The Miami native first hit the music scene with his debut album 'From the Bottom to the Top' at age 13. He can currently be heard on Soulja Boy Tell 'Em's new single 'Kiss Me Through The Phone," and is gearing up for his latest release 'Coming of Age.'