R&B singer Sammie burst onto the scene in the late 90s as the cute preteen who sang his way into the hearts of girls everywhere. He would mature as an artist and now the Florida native is back after eight years. Currently preparing for his upcoming EP, Sammie taps into the 2009 film Ghost of Girlfriends Past for his new video for "I'm Him." 

With the help of director Steven "Philly Fly Boy" Phillip, Sammie visits a girl in need of love during her dreams to help her let go of all the heartbreak she's endured over the years. Visiting one ex-boyfriend at a time, Sammie takes his leading lady around to see what three men were doing behind her back while she thought they were the one. Dressed in all white, with his hair braided, the Florida-bred artist uses her past to prove why he's the one she should be lusting after.

"I think it’s something all women can relate to," Sammie tells The Boombox. "In love and relationships, it’s all about trial and error, unfortunately. So you’ll spend time staying because you believe in the potential this guy could be, but the video shows all those experiences weren’t in vain because you finally met the guy of your dreams."

According to the 29-year-old singer, “I’m Him” is an illustration of a man treating a woman like a queen.

"The record took off so organically that I knew the video would have to match the intensity or add on to the expectations of my followers and my fans," Sammie says.

“Literally how this whole song derived, I was sitting in the drive-thru waiting on my food to get prepared and they were taking too long. So while I was in the drive-thru, I pulled up a record that my producer Doh Boy had sent me…as soon as I got home I was like, I’m just gonna leave a little sample on Instagram and revisit it later. And then an hour later – I have to give a special thanks to the Shade Room – they took my video off my Instagram and put it on theirs, and in three days [there were] three million views on their Facebook, half a million on Instagram, and I got all these girls like, 'I grew up on him, I can believe he’s still making music.' It put me back in the forefront [because] I think fans lost track of me and didn’t know where I was. And that kinda thing and that kinda energy you can’t ignore, so that’s when I knew it was time for me to resurface from a mainstream standpoint.”

Sammie admits that the song was created with someone special in mind; and although the singer is mum on the name of his companion, it’s clear he has love on the brain.

"As a creative and a songwriter and an artist, a lot of the music I create, especially my own, derives from real life experiences. And I'm no perfect man at all – I’m flawed just like the next individual, but I do believe I’m different; I do believe I can show women a different perspective."

Check out Sammie's new video for "I'm Him" above, and go here to purchase the single.


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