12 years ago, Sammie was a teen heartthrob who had all the tween girls singing, 'I Like It.' Today, he's a grown man who's moving into the next phase of his career and he goes by a new name: Leigh Bush.

His latest single, 'Free Falling,' is a smooth ballad with the 26-year-old crooner falling in love with a woman despite not knowing if the love is mutual.

"I hope that I don't scare you away / Baby, I can't deal / If you gave my love away, that would kill me," he sings. "I'm open baby / I'm going to jump / With no parachute, will you catch me?"

Bush says the song was inspired by a real-life situation in which a friend wasn't sure if he should fall in love first in his relationship.

"Free Falling derived by a conversation I was having with a friend of mine," he explains to Singersroom. "[He was] discussing how he was falling in love first during a blossoming friendship. I then proclaimed, 'Just jump' (free fall), and hope that she catches you. It's rare that a man falls harder and first in relationships. I found it refreshing."

'Free Falling' will appear on the singer's new EP titled 'Leigh Bush,' which will be available on Oct. 16 via iTunes.

You can also catch Leigh Bush make his debut at the monthly Sol Village event on Oct. 16 at New York's famed venue SOB's. The concert will also feature performances from fellow R&B singers J. Holiday, Austin Brown, Ben Official and Rachel Kerr.

Listen to Leigh Bush's Song 'Free Fallin'