When Wu-Tang Clan heads out on a rare national tour in December, they will have to function without their leader. In an interview with The BoomBox, RZA revealed that he will be unable to join his crew on the road due to prior engagements. He bemoans the absence and maintains that it's a blessing every time he's able to perform with the Wu.

"Well, I gotta be honest about the tour. I have too much business going this quarter, so I won't be on the tour," he said. "I'm going to try to join those guys during the springtime, though. Wu-Tang is coming to a lot of towns across the country and you know they'll leave their mark. I won't be there, unfortunately."

RZA remarked that he had an incredible experience touring with the Clan throughout the summer at Rock the Bells and beyond. His most memorable show was a bizarre performance in Russia. When asked how quickly the Wu goes back to old habits when they get together, RZA explained that all those old dynamics of brotherhood always return after a few days on the road together.

"Maybe not the first, second or third day, but usually after about a week, everything falls back into sync," he revealed. "On stage, it falls back on the first night. We get on stage and everybody becomes these superheroes. Behind the scenes, it takes a few days. You know, they say you are what you eat and I believe that's mental and physical. If everyday I'm thinking about police, I'll want to act like a cop eventually. Because we don't hangout with each other everyday, it doesn't come immediately. Everyday, I'm hanging out, I'm acting, I'm different characters, but when I get back around my crew, it takes a little time to get back to that personal thing, but it's always there, yo. It's a true blessing."