When Wu-Tang Clan perform 'Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers' in its entirety this summer at Rock the Bells, the crew will be trudging territory usually reserved for rock bands. But Wu-Tang Clan's RZA isn't satisfied there. The producer/rapper wants to invade Broadway, another art form usually reserved for rock albums like The Who's 'Tommy' and Green Day's 'American Idiot' at present.

"I thought about doing '36 Chambers.' I dreamed I can do it on Broadway cause I make my albums like movies," RZA tells The Boombox. "People been talking to me about a lot of things. I got people reaching out to me about Carnegie Hall. I make movies now, so I get more access. It's still in the dream world, but a lot of my dreams have come true and I'm working on this one, baby." In fact, he's so confident it can and will happen RZA even has a timeline in mind. "I think in five years it could be done, actually," he says.

He cites the invitation to Carnegie Hall as proof of how far Wu-Tang Clan is traveling. "I've been invited to Carnegie Hall for this year. I turned it down because I'm not ready yet," he says. But he is obviously very flattered by the request. "I told them give me another year, but it's a dream and I'll look forward to making it happen."

As for what he might do at the venerable hall, maybe '36 Chambers.' "I was thinking about doing '36 Chambers' because I can combine art and film. With that album I know how to do it," he says. "That album is like a movie for me, it's a map also. It means a lot for the music, but it means so much more."