With Halloween around the corner, we need to have a spooky anthem for our trick or treating. On Thursday’s episode (Oct. 27) of the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Run the Jewels help create a hilarious (if not bizarre) Halloween anthem.

Colbert, who donned the cutest Halloween sweater, created a song called the “Halloween Wiggle,” where he encourages everyone to move their hips while scoring candy treats. But RTJ’s Killer Mike and El-P pulled a jux and added their own grimy twist to the ditty.

"Stick my face in your candy bowl / Turn you around and lick your Hershey hole," raps EL-P with Killer Mike adding, "Take you to the graveyard like a dead-ass snitch / You'll be on my broomstick like a dead-ass witch."

Shocked by RTJ's rhymes, Colbert had to step in and keep things family-friendly at the end.

Overall, if you're looking for a Halloween song for trick or treating, then check out "Halloween Wiggle" above.