According to reports, singer Rihanna might be filing a lawsuit against Kodak for using her name in a new ad campaign without her consent.

The camera company's campaign features rappers Drake, Pitbull and crooner Trey Songz sharing photos of themselves via a new Kodak digital camera, and sending photos to Rihanna, whose name appears as a recipient on their email list. However, according to reports, Kodak neglected to ask the singer's permission, and is being accused of attempting to profit off of her name. This, however, is puzzling, considering Rihanna recently appeared in a different Kodak promo that plugs the same camera.

Last month, Rihanna finally admitted to dating Drake after her highly-publicized breakup with Chris Brown. While she was too "fragile" to seriously date Drake at the time, the two later collaborated on the song and video for Rihanna's steamy 'What's My Name?'

Check out the Kodak ad after the jump. Rihanna has yet to comment on the rumored lawsuit.