In a recent interview with Fuse, Riff Raff addresses the comparisons between his animated rap persona and James Franco's character in forthcoming Harmony Korine film Spring Breakers, claiming once again that Franco's character is based upon his appearance.

Those familiar with the Andy Milonakis-affiliated rapper's antics have probably seen the Spring Breakers trailer, which features a braided-up Franco rocking a grill similarly ridiculous tattoos.

"He's probably going to win a Grammy," Riff deadpans in his interview with Fuse. "His style is based on me, I don't have to tell you that. Look at the pictures. If people see the pictures, they think it's me [not Franco]."

While their resemblance may be similar, Riff claims there's a key ingredient missing in Franco's wardrobe.

"He had some ice on hands and wrists, but if he's trying to go polar bear arctic deep sea 11...?" the "From G's to Gents" star quips, flaunting a diamond-studded watch. "Now you 'Deep Space Nine.' You icy."

Watch the Spring Breakers trailer at AOL Music Blog
, then check out Riff Raff's interview below to hear what he has to say about the film. Rap Game "Deep Space 9."

Watch Riff Raff's Interview with Fuse TV

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