Rapper Rich Boy is following in the footsteps of Russell Simmons and Lil Wayne's Young Money crew with the release of his very own line of pre-paid credit cards. The Alabama native is partnering with Plastic Cash International LLC to introduce the reloadable MasterCards, which encourage teens, college students, and young adults to stay out debt.

"I feel like it'll help America if we learn at an early age how to manage this money," Rich told XXL. "I'm tryna' reach every neighborhood; not just on a profit situation, but just giving people learning experience [on] what to do with this money, this new, digital, plastic money." While many rappers could have been up for the job, Plastic Cash International CEO Brian Newberry noted Rich as the obvious choice for being "socially conscious about his community."

Although he is very much focused on his music, and upcoming release 'Resurrected in Diamonds,' Rich has long been looking into business opportunities outside of the music industry. Earlier this year he packed up and moved from down south to Los Angeles. "I moved here for the same reason anybody else moves [out here] just to make moves," he told The BoomBox. "I'm 80% entrepreneur and 20% is me as an artist, so we do a lot of business ventures."

Rich Boy pre-paid debit cards are available for purchase at various retailers as well as online at MyPlash.com.

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