Rich Boy has decided to expand his horizons. In a recent interview he explained "I really sat there for weeks and just listened to every country's music and taught myself how to love it instead of just saying, 'This sound crazy to me, put that Boosie back on.' Or whatever I grew up on." He didn't even throw no D's on it. He did, however, get deep into religion. "Whatever religion you name, I studied it...Buddhism, I studied that this morning. It's deep, man." Oh word, tell em about the time you were a Jain, Rich Boy. [RapRadar]

In every awards show, there are winners and losers. Fabolous tweeted about losing out to Eminem for Best Rap Performance, etc. "This just in.. I didn't win, I lost to Eminem's "Crack A Bottle". Congrads 2 Em, but I never even heard that song.." Really Fab? You mad? [Twitter]

Cassidy recently discussed his new album, which may or may not be a promotion for Levitra. "My album is C.A.S.H. It stands for 'Cass Always Stays Hard'....My last album was 'B.A.R.S.,' [which stands for] the 'Barry Adrian Reese Story.' They say it's a recession. I call my album 'C.A.S.H.' because everybody needs money." They say it's a recession. [MTV]

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