Rhymefest has finally confirmed that he is in fact running for political office in his hometown of Chicago. The rapper and Kanye West associate has been teasing a run since last month but refused to name the specific office he was targeting. Sources are now claiming that Fest, real name Che Smith, will be running for Alderman of Chicago's historically violent 20th Ward on the city's South Side.

Alderman, an increasingly uncommon term in politics, essentially means Smith could be a member in the Chicago City Council. He does have a challenger, though. Willie Cochran, an incumbent, is also seeking to hold on to the office in the November 2 general election.

"It's already starting! I talk about helping my community and the villains are attacking my character and family! I won't stop!" Rhymefest tweeted to formally announce his candidacy to the public. "The 20th Ward in Chicago needs help, shorties are out here selling dope to pay the family bills. Grandmothers are raising their children's children, people are un-employed and under employed & leadership is absent!"

Smith is expected to hold a bigger press conference on Thursday, Oct. 21 at 10:30AM local time to explain his specific platform and plans for improving the maligned neighborhood.

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