DJ Jazzy Jeff and Rhymefest created and debuted their new duo last month called Jeff & Fess. Now they've released another track entitled "Acquired Taste" featuring Eric Roberson. The group's first song together was "No Fear" which proved that the two are a formidable pair. Now, the two school influencers are showing their variety with this new smooth, harmonious song. c

"Acquired Taste" offers a spin on your stereotypical elevator music, twisting that with a hip hop beat. Rhymefest raps about his appreciation for life and love over the beautiful piano key. And Roberson's voice takes you to a relaxing vacation in your mind.

"I want a circle of friends to circulate the wealth/ Even your blood should circulate, 'cause that's good for your health/ I put a ring on her finger, that's a circle of trust/ Let's figure out how to make the world revolve around us," Rhymefest raps.

This track seems to be a hit just like the first. With Jazz's soulful production and Rhymefest's wordplay, "Acquired Taste" is fulfillment for hip hop heads yearning for some old school-feel music. We hope these two are currently working on an album because we're here for the Jess & Fess tunes.

What do you think? Listen to the full audio of "Acquired Taste" below.


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