The financial plight of Donda’s House was revealed over the weekend when Kim Kardashian dragged Rhymefest on Twitter accusing him of mishandling funds and trying to publicly shame her husband, Kanye West.

Now comes word that Donda’s House has failed to file an annual financial report in 2018. According to The Blast, the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State issued a “No Good Standing” classification for the non-profit organization for not filing a report by the April 1 deadline. According to an Illinois official, organizations are usually terminated five months after being classified "Not In Good Standing" with the office.

This will likely be the case for Donda’s House, which was created in honor of West’s late mother Dr. Donda West. This past weekend, the organization released a press release stating that it has renounced the Donda’s House name back to Kanye and Kim. However, they did vow to restructure the company under new management.

In addition, former members of Donda's House have chimed in and have accused Rhymefest of improper conduct. Noel Malpica, a former participant, has accused the rapper-activist of exploiting the Donda's House brand, among other things. The website has a full expose on Malpica's allegations.

Meanwhile, Rhymefest has tried to defend himself against Kim's allegations but on Sunday (May 28), it appears that he posted a mea culpa of sorts on his Twitter page. Although he doesn't address some of the problems Donda's House is facing right now, he stands by his position that his goodwill was always for the people of Chicago.

"Chicago is my home & I will do whatever it takes to move my community forward. I can own up to the delivery of my message not always being in the most professional package but my intentions are & will always be about progressing my people," he tweeted.

Reps for the Illinois Secretary of State, Donda's House and Rhymefest had no comment on the matter.

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