Rhymefest has lofty plans if he's elected for 20th Ward Alderman of Chicago. The 33-year-old rapper, who is squaring off against former policeman Willie Cochran in the election, recently spoke on what he would do if he were voted into office, revealing he'd offer artists the option of low-cost housing in exchange for community service.

While driving through the South Side, the Grammy-winner, born Che Smith, pointed out a boarded-up building that he would convert into affordable housing. "On the top floor, photography, the middle floor, dancing, in the basement we have a studio,' he told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Potential residents would have to earn their keep by picking up garbage from empty lots in order to gain "community service hours."

Rhymefest continued by pointing out 63rd St., recollecting on how it's changed since he was a kid. "This is the 'Great' 63rd Street. There used to be businesses here. There used to be life here. Look at all of the vacant lots. This wasn't like this just when I was growing up," he said. "What I see when I walk outside my door is three kids killed in three days and two empty lots with trash."

The Goodwill Hip Hop Ambassador also gave an impromptu performance of his campaign song, which touts inspiring lyrics and will include a verse from Kanye West. "I came back to the crib, turned my back on the Benz / Where community starts, that's where the industry ends," he raps.

He will learn his fate when the election takes place on April 5.

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