Rah Digga's rhymes may not be at the top of the charts presently but that hasn't stopped her from taking her name to new heights elsewhere. The Flipmode Squad affiliate has crafted an audio-based smartphone application that allows users to battle rap.

The New Jersey native teamed with Appalachian Apps to create the product, titled Straight Spittin', which is said to be the first of its kind for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia phones.

Straight Spittin' allows aspiring artists to engage in freestyle or written form battles as well as choose various beats, length of verses and the amount of battle rounds. A feature of the app allows the public to vote for battle winners, moving the winning rapper from "Unsigned Hype" to "Gold" and "Platinum" status, if they are the ultimate champion. Burgeoning rap stars may have the opportunity to be scouted for global battle competitions, also.

"As someone who prefers more aggressive rhyming, it's always refreshing to hear people rhyme like their lives depend on it," Rah Digga revealed in a press release. "Hearing battle raps can remind people of what a real lyricist should sound like...or not."

For more information on Rah Digga's Straight Spittin' app, visit the website here.

Rah, born Rashia Fisher, recently released 'Made MC,' a track off Rich Kidd's mixtape, 'We On Some Rich Kidd S--- Vol. 5.' Her third album, 'Classic,' debuted last year, earning a No. 83 spot on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop charts.

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