From her work with Nas and Fugees producer Salaam Remi, to scoring appearances by Ghostface and Jay-Z on remixes of her hits, Amy Winehouse's flirtation with hip-hop was well-documented.

Before her tragic death on July 23, the 'Rehab' singer had revealed plans to record with a slew of rappers, from hip-hop stars like Nas, Mos Def and Busta Rhymes, to indie hero Rah Digga, who recently launched a successful comeback attempt with her 2010 sophomore album 'Classic,' which finally saw release a full decade after her debut, 'Dirty Harriet.'

In an interview with SOHH, Rah Digga discussed her relationship with Winehouse, claiming that the two had been "good friends," and lamenting their inability to make record together.

"Me and Amy were good friends, we talked on Skype a lot," Digga explained. "We were trying to make that [collaboration] happen when she first said it. The first time I saw her say that was in a XXL article, I think, maybe back in 2007. So I reached out to her back then. But I think at that time maybe it was becoming, like, serious, her drug problem. So she kind of detached from everybody and went into rehab and I was doing my thing."

Although their collaboration never transpired, Digga said that she hopes to see some of Winehouse's hip-hop dreams come to fruition.

"The collaboration never happened, I feel bad like, damn. It is what it is. I miss her. I was really looking forward to that," she continued. "I know they're going to do some posthumous stuff for her, I just hope it embodies what she stood for musically and not a whole bunch of label big wigs trying to turn it into a multi-platinum pop project. She really was [a hip-hop head.] When I saw her make that [collaboration wish list] comment, I was bugging. Like, 'Wow. Amy Winehouse was checking for me?'"

After her death, the 'Back to Black' creator's sophomore LP skyrocketed up the Billboard charts, coming in at No. 9 on the Billboard 200.

Amy Winehouse Performs 'Rehab' on the Interface

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