The 15-year-old nephew of R&B superstar R. Kelly was shot in the abdomen/chest and is currently in intensive care. According to reports, Brayel Kelly and his brother Brandon Kelly were allegedly involved in an attempted robbery at a Chicago barbershop Thursday.

Calumet City police officers told reporters that one of the brothers walked into a barbershop requesting a haircut. After receiving the cut, the boy allegedly pulled out a weapon and instructed the shop's owner to put his money and jewelry into a plastic bag.

The owner complied, but eventually pulled out his own weapon. Gunfire ensued and the owner told authorities that he believes he hit the boy. Meanwhile, police were responding to another call a few blocks away from the robbery and found the older Kelly brother, Brandon, who they arrested. Police are investigating whether or not Brandon was acting as lookout for the crime.

The boys' father Carey Kelly, who is estranged from the singer, confirmed to a local news station that his son had been shot twice. One of the bullets collapsed his lung while the second pierced his liver. He also went on to say that he believed that his children were the victims of a robbery, not the suspects. "People have tried to rob us," he said. "They think we got money. That's R. Kelly's money, that's not our money." R. Kelly has made no public comment regarding his nephews' involvement in the burglary.

This event comes just weeks after another high profile crime rocked the city. Last month, actress/singer Jennifer Hudson's brother, mother and nephew were all found dead in their Chicago home. Hudson's brother-in-law William Balfour is the only suspect in the crime and is currently being held on a parole violation. According to his girlfriend, Balfour confessed to being involved in the murders. His parole hearing is today and if approved the 27-year-old will be released.