R. Kelly's 11th solo album, Write Me Back, has officially hit shelves, and The BoomBox has a stream of the entire album for fans.

The album, which features the lead single "Share My Love," and second single "Feelin' Single," was once again written and produced almost entirely by Kelly, continuing in the Philly soul and funk vein heard on his 2010 LP Love Letter, supported by smooth string arrangements, and an overall adult contemporary vibe.

Listen to the entire Write Me Back album here.

Check out R. Kelly's Write Me Back tracklist below.

1. "Love Is"

2. "Feelin' Single"

3. "Lady Sunday"

4. "When a Man Lies"

5. "Clipped Wings"

6. "Believe That It's So"

7. "Fool for You"

8. "All Rounds on Me"

9. "Believe in Me"

10. "Green Light"

11. "Party Jumpin'"

12. "Share My Love"

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