Last month, the Independent Film Channel (IFC) announced that it will air the third installment of R. Kelly's addictive, R&B-laced soap opera "Trapped in the Closet." Made up of three-minute chapters, the "Ignition" singer released the first batch of videos, Chapters 1-12, in 2005. The first five chapters of the project originally appeared as tracks on the crooner's TP.3 Reloaded, with "Chapter 1" serving as the album's lead single. With fans enamored by the many twists and love triangles, part two -- known as Chapters 13-22 -- soon followed in 2007. Kelly, whose last album was 2010's lusty Love Letter, has reportedly penned 32 more chapters for the third part of the series.

Not only does R. Kelly narrate the entire "hip-hopera" though his singing, with actors poignantly lip-synching over his iconic R&B crooning, the three-time Grammy winner stars as the protagonist Sylvester, who discovers a web of deceit and adultery following a one-night stand that leaves him hiding -- you guessed it -- trapped in a closet. For those not familiar with the synopsis, in short: Sylvester is cheating on wife Gwendolyn with her friend Cathy, who finds out her husband and pastor Rufus is sleeping with a man, Chuck. Gwendolyn, in the meantime, is sleeping with James, a cop married to Bridget, who might be pregnant with little Big Man's baby. He accidentally shoots Twan, Gwen's brother, who finds out he is the father of Tina's baby, but Tina is hot for Roxanne. Other characters like mob boss Joey and nosy neighbors Rosie and Randolph also help move the plot along.

While the first two parts of "Trapped in the Closet" feature a cast of relatively unknown actors, The BoomBox decided to up the stakes for part three. We choose several familiar faces from the R&B and hip-hop community -- some with acting ties, others who have collaborated musically with R. Kelly. Here's the cast we'd like to see play this motley group of characters.

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