The latest single off R. Kelly's upcoming album, 'Black Panties,' finds the R&B stalwart linking with Future for a languid collaboration, 'Tear It Up.' While these two are clearly hit-makers in their own right, does that mean they can make it work on the same track? Listen and find out.

Kells and Future employ the halting sing-song approach throughout the track, which is as low-key raunchy as you'd expect from these two. It's melodic and dirty all at once, with R. Kelly waxing lyrical on hitting it from the back while smoking his cigar. That's certainly an, erm, interesting image.

You'll probably be too busy getting lost in the woozy instrumental to notice those somewhat-cringeworthy lines. Although, if you're not a fan of the stutter-like flow heard on 'Tear It Up,' you just might turn it off instantly.

You can stream the track above. 'Black Panties' doesn't have a firm release date, but it's due out sometime this year.