It's far from a secret that Lady Gaga is a fan of theatrics and R. Kelly is a fan of interacting with the opposite sex. What's more a secret is how the two may be fans of  the television show 'Scandal,' as that's what their performance at the 2013 American Music Awards seems to take its inspiration from.

Mother Monster and Kells gave their duet, 'Do What U Want,' a new political context as the former played a secretary in an affair with president R. Kelly -- probably the first head of state to wear leather pants. The duo interspersed skits through the performance, in which photos of their affair get leaked on Instagram, forcing him to deny his relationship with Gaga.

A heartbroken Gaga was then left to sing the rest of the song alone while clips of the singer as a child playing piano is shown on a big screen. It's like some weird side story to R. Kelly's popular 'Trapped in the Closet' series.

While 'Do What U Want' makes the most of its stay in the Billboard Hot 100, R. Kelly is preparing to release his 12th album -- 'Black Panties' -- on Dec. 10.