Even though the visuals for R. Kelly's song 'Happy Birthday' celebrate the R&B star turning one year older, the viewers are the ones who are actually receiving the gift because it's straight eye-candy for anyone who loves a pretty girl.

Apparently, a huge bash occurs and we join the festivities the morning after, where Kells is sleeping amongst a host of gorgeous women -- they all look like they had the time of their lives.

From there, things go 'The Hangover' route since no one seems to remember what happened the night before. Lucky for Kelly, one of the girls tells him everything was recorded on his smartphone and that's when the action really begins.

Strip clubs, a shopping spree and an out-of-town-trip are just some of the activities enjoyed by the Pied Piper and the lovely ladies. Not to mention the bottles of expensive liquor and cigars that flow freely.

The Chicago native's actual birthday was on Jan. 8, when he turned 48.

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