G.O.O.D. Music rapper Kid Cudi landed his first major acting gig with a role on HBO's 'How to Make It in America' TV series, and for the show's second season, his fellow label mate Pusha T will join him on set.

The Virginia rapper is set to appear on at least four episodes of the show's second season, which will air later this year. Producer Scott Verner and writer Ian Edelman confirmed the deal on Twitter, and on Friday morning (May 27), Pusha himself made mention of the new role, writing, "Good morning...Destination: NYC...Mission: "How to Make it in America" Stay Tuned!"

Pusha, who has built a reputation as a "coke rapper" over the years as part of the Clipse, will play a drug dealer on the show, but this time he will be dealing with marijuana. There has been no word yet on the name of Pusha's character, or any clues as to how big his role will be.

In March, Pusha released his long-delayed 'Fear of God' mixtape, which will be re-released for retail as the 'Fear of God 2' EP on June 21. His debut solo album on Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label is expected to hit stores this fall. Pusha recently revealed that he is aiming for a November 25 release date for the album.

The second season of 'How to Make It in America' is currently in production. An official premiere date has not been announced.

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