Before Kreayshawn, Lil B and Odd Future captured their affections, coke rap duo the Clipse were the reigning kingpins of hipster hip-hop, entertaining the skinny pants generation, however unintentionally, with their tales of drug sales and Virginia Beach living.

Tapping OFWGKTA front man Tyler, the Creator for an appearance on his new song, 'Trouble on My Mind,' from the forthcoming mixtape 'Fear of God 2,' Pusha T of the Clipse addresses his hipster fan base, silencing critics' concerns regarding their long-rumored collaboration.

"Rick James said cocaine's a helluva drug/ Who else could put the hipsters with felons and thugs/ And paint a perfect picture of what sellin' it does," Pusha raps over the sparse Neptunes beat. "This is for the critics, who doubted the chemistry/ Two different worlds, same symmetry."

Tyler does his best to keep up on the track, relying on his typical shock-rap imagery and rugged delivery, and, if that's your thing, then 'Trouble on My Mind' will work for you.

"Pharrell said, "Get 'em", so I got 'em/ Tripped on Bristol Palin then I accidentally shot 'em/ Then it ricocheted and killed the game, I'm a problem/ 'Cause I wanna f--- the world but not a fan of using condoms," the 20-year-old Los Angeles rapper intones.

A visual for the collaboration is rumored to be seeing release next week.

Pusha T's 'Fear of God 2' will be out on August 23.

Listen to Pusha T & Tyler, the Creator on 'Trouble on My Mind'

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