Last year, Prophets of Rage went on a nationwide tour urging fans to rage against the system during the election season. Now that President Trump is wreaking havoc in the White House, the group members are back to bring the noise with their cultural point of views.

On Thursday (June 1), Prophets of Rage announced that their full-length debut project will arrive on Sept. 15 on Fantasy Records. They also dropped a blistering video for their first single, “Unf--- the World.”

The above visual, directed by acclaimed documentarian Michael Moore, features the group -- Public Enemy’s Chuck D, members of Rage Against the Machine and B-Real of Cypress Hill -- performing their fiery track for a live audience. In between their performance, there news clips of Donald Trump, protesters, the Flint Water Crisis, police brutality and that tone-deaf Pepsi commercial with Kendall Jenner. Overall, Prophets of Rage is raging against America’s dysfunctionality.

“Pledge the allegiance to the evil / Everything’s change yet nothing’s change,” rap Chuck D, adding, “Engineers got millennials living in fear / Give a damn / Evil can’t stand / When people take a stand.”

In a press release (via Billboard), Prophets of Rage member Tom Morello explained the kind of music they are bringing to the masses this fall.

“There were rhythms before there were words,” he said. “Music has both the ability to reflect and transform the times. There’s a long history of that, from slave spirituals, to ‘We Shall Overcome,’ to the Sex Pistols.”


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