In Memphis, Tenn., the music history is so rich, you almost can feel basslines in the soil -- just ask someone like Memphis rap legend and Three 6 Mafia family member Project Pat.

In this the sixth episode of the Budweiser Made in America documentary series, famed director Lance Bangs captures the perspectives of artists who were a part of Memphis’ musical past.

Noisey reporter Kim Taylor Bennett plays host and takes us on a genre-spanning tour around the city as she talks with Jody Stephens (Big Star), Levon Williams (Stax Museum), Peter Buck (R.E.M.) and Chris Shaw (Ex-Cult) -- plus the one and only Project Pat of Three 6 Mafia fame. Pop, soul, punk, hip-hop -- call it Memphis jambalaya. Everyone says the same thing: the people in Memphis are just plain different.

The documentary begins with Project Pat saying you gotta move booties if you want to make it down South. Later, Bennett visits the museum of the legendary Stax Records, where Booker T. and The MG’s got their big break (and where RZA mined countless soul samples for Wu classics from). Later, we’re back with Pat as he assures that Memphis will always be bubbling with young musical talent because it’s a musically inclined city by nature.

Watch the 10-minute documentary that dives into the city’s history and highlights its future.

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