There's no better way to promote an upcoming project than by cutting a track with hip-hop's most sought after trap star - so Project Pat took note.

In anticipation of his upcoming mixtape, Street God 4, the veteran Memphis rapper recruited Gucci Mane to remind the streets about the definition of a "Dope Boy." With production by Gucci's go-to beat maker Zaytoven, the Southern MCs school today's new generation with recap of a series of unfortunate, but dope game, events. After a few "dope boy" ad libs drop, Pat raps, "I been hustlin since a little n----, came up with some hood n----/I done met a lot of f--k boys that lost some good n-----/Money never a make a mane but will make a mane/Pull the trigger, your best friend turned a snitch n----."

Gucci offers a verse that solidifies his street inclinations when tested.

"I'l pay a penny for your thoughts and leaves your brains on the asphalt...I don't need a handout but I might cut your hand off/I'm so Marilyn Manson, I'm so heinously handsome/I'm more dangerous than famous, I'll take your grandson for ransom."

If that's not, a clear reminder about what life in the streets is really like, what is? P.S. - Gucci home!

Check out the track below.


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