Last week's episode of Power was intense from start to finish - from Julio's death to Tommy's kidnapping and the unleashing of his inner-predatory self. While last night's ep didn't cover a novel's worth of storylines in 60 minutes, the episode didn't disappoint.

The show opens with James St. Patrick and Tariq riding the subway back home from Queens (the location where Kanan killed Jukebox and Tariq was being held). After making a phone call to Tommy for a ride home - and a quick I'm-sorry-about-your-stash-house convo - James and Tariq make it home in one piece only to be met by Tasha's rage about their previous whereabouts. This ignites a long and heated conversation between James and Tasha. Raina hears them arguing while getting ready before school and overhears her mother saying something like, "You should have killed Kanan 10 years ago when I asked you to..."

Raina turns to her brother for answers, but he wants nothing to do with her or her familial investigation. Or at least that's what he leads her to think. Tariq finds himself asking Dre and Tommy for the truth about Ghost and their connections to him. For the most part, they tell the truth - Tommy just doesn't go into much detail about the capacity of his connection.

Viewers also witness Raina turn to Tasha for answers about a "dangerous man named Kanan," and her father's past. Tasha tries to skate around the subject, but Raina calls her out for treating her like a kid and begs her to be honest. Tasha tells her some things but not everything because we all know Raina can't handle the truth!

With Tariq and Raina asking so many questions, never-before-told truths come out - like Tariq's first kidnapping - and Ghost gets angry. He tells Tasha she had "one job" while he was away. In true Tasha fashion, the sassy mother-of-three claps back and put her (ex)-husband in his place. And rightfully so. After all, she did hold Ghost down while he was bed hopping with Angie.

And although Tasha's busy finding ways to entertain Raina's questions and play the perfect housewife for the sake of James and their family reputation, Tasha is still finding time to put her wants first. If you recall, James' lawyer, Terry Silver, and Tasha shared a moment during episode 5 while prepping for Ghost's trial. Last night, they shared another moment, but this time there was a random double date scenario going on with LaKeisha but it led to a pretty passionate kiss between Tasha and Terry. While Terry ultimately tells Tasha nothing can happen between them, it's pretty obvious he's got a thing for Mrs. St. Patrick.

Ghost and Tasha have a lot going on, but they're not the only ones running around with secrets. Tommy discovers Julio's body in the warehouse where he was killed. Dre acts completely shocked - of course - but ends up looking concerned when Tommy recognizes that it was a Toros Locos kill (something Dre specifically told the gang not to do when they executed their former brother). He knows he messed up and now he's trying to cover his tracks. We'll see how long it takes for his plan to take over as Tommy's distro completely falls apart. Angela and her prosecution team have been suspended, everyone except for Mark that is, and they're all determined to find Greg Knox's killer - even if that means planting evidence on him again, according to Sax. Then there's Tony Teresi, who's tired of waiting on Ghost to put him in touch with Tommy. He gives him 48 hours to make the phone call happen, and when it does, Tommy gets the surprise of his life (something viewers already assumed). Teresi tells Tommy that he's his father, and Tommy literally can't believe it. Teresi asks Tommy to visit him at MCC (Manhattan Country Corrections). We know the meeting will go down, the question is will it happen this season or next?

There are only three episodes left, and it's about to get real.

Watch the Trailer for Power Season 4, Episode 8:

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