After three weeks of non-stop chaos and bloodshed, Courtney A. Kemp and Power's writing room finally decided to slow things down - and with the finale on deck, that's just what viewers needed to catch their breath.

Things begin with Tariq mid-interview with a representative of the boarding school Raina told him about. With plenty of reasons to be eager to get out of town, Riq let his dad prep him on all the right things to say to make him a shoo-in at the school. But while Tariq is busy planning his getaway, Raina is busy fielding questions about his whereabouts to an officer named Raymond Jones aka Ray Ray aka Jukebox's (former) partner. Tariq is dodging Ray Ray because he witnessed two members of his crew - Brains and Big Country - shoot a woman at point blank range after screaming Brains' name when asking them to stop raping her while robbing her. (That's a lot going on, right? We would be looking for a way out of town too.)

Raina confronts Tariq when she gets home from school, and lets him know that "some cop" was looking for him. Riq slips up (unintentionally) and tells Raina that Ray Ray knows Kanan and tried to kidnap him before. That information becomes pretty unfortunate knowledge for Raina down the line, but we'll get to that in a second.

Aside from Tariq's issues with Raina, he's also having issues with his girlfriend - he's just not focused enough to realize it.

Riq's "girl" is feeling emotionally neglected because her man won't open up to her beyond what they say in the bedroom (or while drinking lean) - (and keep in mind, we're talking about teenagers here). Riq's girl is also Ray Ray's little cousin. So when she figures out that Tariq is just using her to feed his lean addiction, she helps Ray Ray set him up so he can kill him.

Here is where Raina's unfortunate information comes into play.

Ray Ray takes his cousin's phone and pretends to be her while texting Tariq. He asks him to come outside during a school dance, and Raina follows. While looking for "his girl" behind the school, he hears Raina confront Ray Ray - because she remembers him looking for her brother - and winds up watching his sister get killed with one shot to the chest.

Damn! We didn't see that one coming, but we knew someone else had to die.

That's where the episode ends, but there were a few more things that took place in between Tariq's boarding school acceptance and Raina's final scene.

Now that Mike Sandoval has been arrested - and subsequently killed - for Greg Knox's murder, Ghost has officially been deemed not guilty on all charges; thus, the D.A.'s office can finally get back to business. With Sandoval dead, the department needs a new head of criminal. The role's been unofficially offered to John Mak, but there's no way Angela was going to let that happen after everything she was put through with the department and during trial. Thus, the Eastern District has a new head of criminal. (We don't know if we should be happy, or ... We're just saying.)

Then there's Tommy. Dre's plan to bring Tommy's organization down is surprisingly working, and Tommy's still now the wiser. Dre and Cristobal torch Tommy's new shipment and let him think the Jimenez are responsible. As a result, Tommy wants to go to war - again, and that's something his Primeras are not tolerating. So they walk - just like Dre predicted - and because they walk, Tommy fires Dre - just like he wanted. Now, Tommy's left with no one - or at least he was until he remembered he had an OG behind bars for a father. But when Tommy finally pays Tony Teresi a visit, he doesn't ask for what you think. He asks to get to know his family. Now that's something different for Tommy.

And one more thing, did anyone else know Tariq and Raina were twins before this episode? Just asking.

One episode left.

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