If there were an award given for the most storylines covered in an episode, Courtney A. Kemp would take home the title because last night's episode of Power covered a lot.

Things started like any other day for Ghost - as a free man. He woke up in his own bed with the sun shining, but his wife nowhere to be found (because she can't stand the thought of sleeping next to him these days). But everything starts to go down hill the second Ghost leaves the house.

James takes a ride to Truth to officially reopen the premises only to be met by his nightclub nemesis, Simon Stern. Unbeknownst to Ghost, Tasha made a deal with Simon while he was locked up. She needed money for the kids, school tuition was due and bills had to be paid. Simon confronts James to let him know the (minimal) details about his deal, and let's him know he's ready to collect. But, Simon says he'll forgive James and Tasha's debt if James works with Simon on a new business venture as the token Black face that will aid the company in getting a few diversity tax credits. Mr. St. Patrick wants nothing to do with the deal, but as usual, he doesn't have much of a choice. And we've learned that if it isn't one thing with Ghost, it's another.

James leaves Stern and Truth, hoping to get on with his day, but plans get altered when Kanan finally shows himself to Ghost. Ghost realizes Kanan has Tariq, and quickly works to come up with a play to keep his son alive and get Kanan the money he's after so he can leave James' family alone. He comes up with a plan to rob Tommy's stash house, and it works. Ghost and Kanan walk out with a bag of money. Ghost thinks they money will immediately make things right with Kanan, but Kanan always has another trick up his sleeve.

Jukebox is at an undisclosed location, waiting for Kanan and Ghost to arrive so she can take the money and take Tariq and Ghost out. Thankfully, Kanan has a change of heart and works with Ghost to help him get Tariq back. Unfortunately, Jukebox picks up on the fact that two sworn enemies are working together to get over on her and threatens to put a bullet in Tariq's head if Kanan doesn't confess who he really is to Tariq. Tariq is sitting in complete shock, not sure how to react, and tears are falling from James' face because he's not sure how this scenario will end. But thanks to Kanan, it ends with three bullets in Jukebox, Tariq alive and Ghost left with a lot of questions to answer about his past.

While Ghost is trying to save Tariq's life, Tommy is being wined and dined in Chicago by Jason, the official drug connect that Petar has readily referred to as Chicago throughout the season. Tommy thinks things are going well, but finds himself in the trunk of Jason's car after a night of non-stop drinking. Jason and his team take Tommy to a deserted field and make him fall to his knees at gun point for killing Milan without their permission. But they don't know Petar told Tommy the Milan kill was approved; thus, Petar is playing everybody. Thankfully Jason figures it out and puts a bullet in Petar instead of Tommy.

Then, there's Dre. Lately, he's been moving messy, but did anyone think he would set Julio up for the kill?

Dre's been gunning for Julio ever since Tommy named him distro. From the FBI interrogation to allowing Cristobal's crew to disrespect Tommy's organization, Dre's made sure Julio takes the fall every chance he gets. But last night, he decided it was time for Julio to fall for good. In case you forgot, Julio was part of the Toros Locos, but was able to buy his way out because of Ghost. But now that Ghost is out the game, his deal with the Toros Locos is null and void - and Julio is fair game. When Julio realizes Dre set him up, he's reminded that the Toros Locos are "blood in, blood out," and the only way he was leaving the Toros Locos this time was by bleeding out. And that's exactly what happened. RIP Julio.

Finally, we can't forget the fact that Tommy took a ride to Cleveland to relentlessly beat Holly's pedophile uncle with a bat.

Courtney A. Kemp is getting graphic this season. Get ready for more!

Watch the Trailer for Power Season 4, Episode 3:

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