The past 11 weeks have been rough.

First, Power fans turned their backs on Angela Valdez (if they weren't there already) and watched as she tirelessly worked to keep James St. Patrick behind bars while her team made sure he faced the death penalty - for a crime he actually didn't commit. Then, they gasped as Charlie Murphy's character, Marshal Williams, tried to kill James in a weight room - on multiple occasions. (Unfortunately, Marshal Williams didn't know who he was dealing with, so fans watched Williams take a few gruesome last breaths instead of the other way around.) Viewers became infuriated with Tariq as they watched him go from being a good city kid to a wannabe badass with no control. They saw Tasha take on a new lover; watched Tommy meet his father; cringed as LaKeisha became the neediest most clingiest woman in the world after she let Tommy put it down; and cried when Raina (unknowingly) took a bullet to save her brother.

But if fans thought that's all the STARZ writing room had in store for them, then they experienced a few OMG moments while watching last night's Power finale.

The show's final 60-minute summer saga started with Tariq in the interrogation room, answering questions about his sister's murder and his whereabouts the night of her death. But knowing what he knows about the ways Ray Ray and his crew move, Tariq is completely quiet about the details. In fact, he said he was inside his school when the shooting happened. At first, if you're anything like us, you may have been angry and confused as to why Riq wouldn't snitch on Officer Raymond Jones. You may have even been screaming at your TV saying, "What the hell?!" But because Ray Ray is a cop, we quickly realize (and remember) that he has access to any and all police reports, including statements made Raina's death. So Riq keeps things quiet until he can figure out what to do, and does what he does best these days: sip on lean.

As the St. Patrick family tries to cope - by any means necessary - Dre is running the streets, putting his Primeras in place to meet the Jiminez. What he doesn't know is Ghost and Tommy think the Jiminez ordered the hit on Raina; thus, they stormed into the Toros Locos head quarters and killed everyone in there, but not before learning the truth about Dre. After everyone's dead, they realize the Jiminez had nothing to do with Raina's murder and think they're back at square one. But somewhere along the line - we don't know when - Kanan and Tommy started communicating and reconnected on an ally tip. Then magically, in one episode, Ghost, Tommy and Kanan become the three amigos working to take out Dre. But as Ghost points out, they'll need "more soldiers" to do so, and they can't strike while the Jiminez are around. (Here is where fans should start prepping for season 5 because it's clearly going to be all about Dre.)

But while Tommy and Ghost are riding around chasing Dre and breadcrumbs to Raina's killer, no one notices Tariq is missing ... again. Once Tasha realizes her son is, she grabs her bags and gets help from last person we would have expected: Angela.

Angela helps track Riq's, which sends Tasha on an unforeseen trip to Washington Heights. But while Tasha tracking down leads, Tommy and Ghost are doing a little investigating of their own, which also leads them to Ray Ray's hideaway spot. All parties involved seemingly show up within a few minutes of each other only to hear gun shots go off inside Ray Ray's building. They assume the worst, and fans watch Tommy, Tasha and Ghost race against time to save their son. But this time, it wasn't one of their own that takes a bullet. It's Ray Ray.

Tariq started this mess, and he made sure he was the one to finish it.

Tasha, Ghost and Tommy do everything they can to clean up the crime scene (kinda) and protect Tariq, even if that means Tasha has to take the wrap for him and give up her lover, Terry Silver, in the process.

Tasha walks Tariq through the necessary clean up process, step-by-step, and fans witness Tariq become a young Ghost-in-training.

Season 5, let's go!

Rest in peace, Raina.

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