Emotions are heightened now that Power fans have learned James "Ghost" St. Patrick's potential fate, and after the latest episode, it doesn't look like anything will get better any time soon.

Julio, Dre and Keisha get dragged in by the FBI for questioning regarding Ghost's  yet-to-be-proven connection to the streets. While Julio and Dre are asked about their past (and current) drug and gang ties, Keisha receives a special interview from Angela, who's working with her team to prove James and Tasha's marriage was over at the time of Greg Knox murder; thus, spousal privilege can be voided and Tasha could be forced to testify against her husband. That was a lot, so we hope you got all that.

Keisha didn't snitch, but her smug answers to Angie's questions didn't help. Unaware of Angie's motive to question her, Keisha runs straight to Tasha as soon as she's released. There, Ghost's lawyer Proctor, his new second chair counsel, Terry Silver, and Tasha let Keisha know she's not to speak to any federal agents, police or anyone with a badge without a lawyer present, which in this case would be Proctor, who apparently thinks he can represent all parties involved without encountering any conflict of interest. After figuring out Angela's plan, Tasha tells Keisha protect her and she'll never talk, but Keisha thinks she has three good reasons to sing if her back gets put against a wall: her kids.

For those who may have forgotten, yes, Ghost and Tasha have three kids, not two. (Rewatch last week's episode for reference!)

As all of New York seems to be dealing with problems on the outside, Ghost encounters a new set of problems on the inside, and they come in the form of Tony Teresi. Viewers still don't know much about his character, but we do learn he's an old school gangster who's been pinched for a handful of murders, including one of a man name Saletti. We also know Teresi has a terminally ill wife who could have a chance to stay alive if she receives an experimental treatment - too bad Teresi can't afford it. At least he couldn't until he saw James crack a man name Biscuit's wrist for trying to make a move on him in the rec room. Teresi called in a favor during last week's episode, and after last night's episode, it seems that favor came through.

Teresi discovers James is Ghost, and he uses that to blackmail him for $20,000 a week - something that can only be dropped off by Tommy, per his request. But Teresi's fascination with Tommy has us thinking: is this Tommy's long lost father or something?

While the adults are running around trying to keep each other out of jail, Tariq is busy indulging in new activities that will land him in jail if he continues his behavior. Another rebellious effort, Tariq partners with Slim aka Kanan to rob a football player who keeps tormenting him and his sister over their father's arrest. But knowing Slim, which we do, we're sure this has to be part of a much bigger plan.

Not only is Slim turning Riq into an accomplice for multiple crimes, he's also introduced him to sippin' lean. Things can only get worse from here.

Watch a Clip From Power Season 4, Episode 3: 

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