Last week may have been Power's season 4 premiere, but episode 2 set the tone for things to come. Things left off with Kanan (now known as Slim) handling Tariq the same way Ghost handled things with Shawn - by taking him under his wing and showing him the ways of the street. But there's a catch. Ghost was actually trying to do right by Shawn and be a mentor to him while teaching him about the streets without letting him get his hands dirty, Slim just wants Tariq caught up so he can throw Riq's future misfortunes in Ghost's face. And if Slim has his way, this will all happen while Ghost remains in jail - with no power to fix or stop any of it.

Kanan just might get his way.

After Ghost's bail got denied, prison guard Marshall Williams (Charlie Murphy) and another officer took him to a dimly lit hallway and savagely beat him until he was literally urinating blood. When Ghost, who's only to be known as James St. Patrick in jail, tells his attorney, Proctor, about the incident, Proctor's first question is, "Did you fight back?" When James responds, "No," Proctor tells him to keep his head up and continue to be as straight laced as possible. There's no doubt he tries, but then a man tried to make James his, well, you know, and he wasn't letting that go down so he politely broke the man's hand under a table for making a move on him and it didn't go unnoticed.

An intriguing man named Tony Teresi is also introduced in this episode. We don't know much about him yet, but it's clear he's a man with ties to the streets who develops a keen interest in Tommy.

But while St. Patrick tries to keep his cool, Proctor confronts him with some unforeseen news: James St. Patrick is officially up for the death sentence. Capital punishment only became an option after the murder weapon was found in James' Truth office - something that was planted by Sandoval. Ghost is stuck in jail until further notice and his life hangs in the balance.

As James is informed about his possible fate, Keisha is across town busting down Tommy's door to ask about her safety - you know, since Tasha's home was raided. Tommy promises nothing is going to happen to her, and for now, she believes him. In fact, to show her how much he's got her back, Tommy shows up at Keisha's house later on and well, it looks like LaKeisha Grant officially has a new love interest! But did you ever think it would be Tommy?

Through all the craziness, Tasha is trying to pick up the pieces and keeps things together for the sake of her family. Tariq and Raina don't know that their father is facing the death penalty, but Tasha does. So, she decides to pay Angela Valdez a little visit. Unfortunately for her, Angie is technically "a cop," so she can't do anything to mess with her except make empty threats.

Is anyone else fed up with Angie right now?


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