If you thought last week's Power episode was filled with an undisclosed number of WTF moments, then you were kept pleasantly on your toes last night as Holly, Tommy, Tasha and the FBI secretly galavanted throughout New York and California hiding babies, dodging bullets and finding out people like Ruiz are still alive.

While Tasha's early-morning conversation with Ghost over the kids started the show, it was Holly and Tommy's emotional sex scene to follow that had viewers wondering what this scene had to do with the events to come. Holly and Tommy are clearly in love, angry and frustrated with one another as they show STARZ viewers what their passion is made of. But the moment their erotic on-camera cameo is complete, Holly decides to voice her frustration and ask Tommy if he's spoken to the Jamaicans yet - referring to the contract hit Holly is working to convince Tommy to take out on Ghost since Tommy doesn't want to kill Ghost himself.

And if anyone is still trying to figure out why Holly is concerned about Ghost's murder, it's because she is in fact pregnant, and doesn't want to be a "single mom" raising a kid while her drug-distributing boyfriend is out running the streets. (But don't forget, as the audience we know Holly doesn't actually know who the father of her baby is; but we also don't know who the other potential baby daddy could be. Thus, Tommy doesn't know his girlfriend is with child, yet).

As Holly meets with Tasha to discuss her "options" as a mother-to-be, Greg Knox, the FBI agent we love to hate, finds a way to track down the Soldado Nation's missing-in-action leader, Ruiz. The first thing everyone watching this show should have been thinking was, 'Wait, Ruiz is alive?'

If you remember correctly, Ghost put a hit out on everyone in his organization at the end of last season, and that order included Ruiz. Ruiz was repeatedly stabbed at a strip club while getting a private dance. After that, no one heard from him again; thus, viewers assumed he was dead just like every other dealer working in Ghost's network. But thanks to Greg Knox' annoying ability to stick his nose where it doesn't belong, we now know Ruiz survived and is hiding out in San Diego, CA living under the pseudonym Armando Garcia. To thank Greg for finding Ruiz and convincing him to testify against Lobos, the task force designed to infiltrate Felipe Lobos welcomes him back to the team. There's just one problem, Ruiz only agrees to be a witness because he thinks Lobos is the one who tried to kill him, not Ghost. In fact, Lobos is starting to become the fall guy for everyone's deaths.

Last episode, Tommy paid a visit to the Koreans to find out which one of them was "watering down" his product. When the Korean leader finds out the person responsible is his son, he makes him cut his own finger off as punishment. Inevitably, the son is angry with Tommy and establishes a plan of revenge. In this case, that plan would be to kill Tommy.

After Tommy runs by the "church with the crooked priest" for a cash pick up, two machine guns slide out of the window of a black car and proceed to "light" Tommy up. Shot in the arm and cowering behind a car that will explode if the Koreans keep shooting, Tommy doesn't know what to do. Lucky for him, Andre got word of the Korean hit, and informs Ghost, who leaves his club to handle the Koreans before the handle Tommy. So thanks to Ghost, Tommy lives.

Unfortunately, Holly sees Tommy's bleeding arm the moment he gets home, and stupidly tells her Lobos was behind this "professional hit." Anyone watching this show knows Holly gets a bit frisky when she becomes privy to information she doesn't need to hear. So, it should come as no surprise to hear her say she's going to get bandages and peroxide from the store and know she means she's about to go pay a visit to the Jamaicans to get this Ghost situation plaguing her family life handled.

As Tommy, Ruiz, Ghost, Holly and the FBI play a game of "Clue," Jukebox finally agrees to let Kanan join her organized crime ring after he proves his hands work (on anything they touch...including Juke's girl). Angela on the other hand tries to apologize to Tasha about the whole sorry-Tariq-got-a-hold-of-my-gun-and-took-it-to-school thing by getting Riq's record expunged. Of course, Ghost find outs and tells Angie that she needs permission to speak to Tasha moving forward. When Angela attempts to tell James she doesn't need permission to do anything, he cuts her off and says, "You do when it comes to my wife!" (Here's where you just wanna say, 'Damn, Gina!') Tasha and Tariq begin to open up about their feelings about Ghost, and James' new security knows more about his business than he thinks.

Until next week...


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