Last week's episode of Power revealed a number of twists and turns only viewers could see. But Ghost, Angie, Tommy seemed to be in the dark about the secrets following them around New York City. And tonight's episode was no different.

Unusually, this week's episode of STARZ' 60-minute drama opens in the streets of Washington D.C. A kid named Dirt, a new character on the show, is rummaging through the snack aisle in a pharmacy while his friend is robbing the store. Caught off-guard by his friend's actions, Dirt pulls out his phone and moments later an officer (Anika Noni Rose) enters the pharmacy with her gun drawn. You would think she was there to help, but she had other plans.

After telling the unnamed stick-up kid to "shoot that motherf---er," referring to the clerk, the officer, soon revealed to be named Jukebox, shoots the kid and tells Dirt to "get the f--- outta here." If you are wondering what a robbery in the nation's capitol has to do with Lobos, Tommy, Ghost, Tasha and Holly back in NYC. Minutes later it all makes sense: Kanan is alive! And Officer Jukebox is caring for him.

Oh, and she's his cousin.

Kanan is laid up, in pain, covered with burn marks and unable to move. He's in desperate need of his pain medicine, but his cousin just won't give them to him - not until she gets the truth about why she had to travel to New York and bring him back to D.C.

Meanwhile, Tasha and Holly are bonding over their new business venture and the fact that they talked their way out of a possible bust after getting pulled over for changing lanes without signaling. It looks like Tasha is actually starting to like Holly, but, as usual, Holly is up to her old tricks. Focused on learning Ghost's whereabouts, Holly asks Tasha if she's handling everything okay now that her estranged husband isn't at home. Holly asks where he's staying. Tasha is typically well versed at detecting malarkey, but right now it's hard to tell. Holly wants Ghost dead, and Tommy's not trying to discuss that topic these days. Someone's getting played--but who?

While Tasha and Holly are running around town, Lala makes an appearance. She doesn't know it, but Tasha is using her - and her salon, which Tasha purchased for her - to help Tommy clean up his drug money.

As Tasha has her hands full with a "new" business, Angela is focused on becoming an accepted part James' St. Patrick's family now that she's met his kids. She asks James if she made a good impression; he says she thinks she did okay. So, what does Angie do? She goes house hunting to find a place that's big enough for Ghost and his kids. But she goes searching prematurely. Remember when Tariq was going through Angie's things and stumbled across her gun last week? Well, in an attempt to hide the gun from his mother Riq decided it was a good idea to take the gun to school. Unfortunately, he gets caught by the school gym teacher, and everything seems to fall apart. After the principal lets Ghost and Tasha know Tariq's gun belongs to "an AUSA Angela Valdes," Tasha tells Ghost the kids are no longer allowed to visit him. Ghost spazzes on Angie, asking why she would have her weapon out around his kids; and Angie's dream of an upscale family home gets thrown in the trash - literally.

Ghost has made every attempt he can to reach out to Tommy, but nothing's worked. So he takes drastic measures and texts "Uncle Tommy," pretending to be Tariq; asking him to come get him from Basketball City. When Tommy shows up, Ghost reveals himself and asks his "brother" if Lobos is coming after him. Tommy simply replies "Goodbye, Ghost." While Ghost doesn't know what that means, viewers know Ghost's attempts to contact Tommy have not been in vain. James St. Patrick is still breathing for a reason, so that has to count for something - except Ghost doesn't know that Tommy is the one executing the hit.

Near the end of Episode 3, a stressed-out Holly takes a pregnancy test and cries over the results. We're going to guess that means she's pregnant. But the question here is by who? After all, she's been cheating on Tommy, remember?


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